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We know that as a prescriber your time is valuable, so we provide the support and assistance you need to provide a higher level of care to patients. Our team can help your staff complete prior authorization requests, monitor patient compliance and educate patients. We’re able to streamline or eliminate many mundane insurance responsibilities so that your staff can focus on improving patient outcomes.

Commcare Specialty Pharmacy can accept only original prescriptions drug orders from patients. Faxed prescriptions can be accepted only from the prescribing practitioners.

We are currently licensed and can ship to all 50 states.


In today’s world of managed care, complying with the rules and regulations of diverse insurance companies can be difficult. In order to make this process easier for prescribers, Commcare Specialty Pharmacy has developed an automated computer system that continually tracks the progress of prior authorization requests. This system is capable of ensuring that your prior authorization request is performed as quickly as possible, with minimal impact on you and your patients.

In instances where the cost of a medication is prohibitive, we accept copayment vouchers from many not-for-profit agencies. We also maintain a comprehensive list of manufacturer patient assistance programs and are always willing to aid patients in completing the necessary paperwork.

Our computer systems integrate with Surescripts and most other modern e-prescription software. For your convenience, we accept e-prescriptions and also have the ability to generate electronic refill requests. If you do not see Commcare Specialty Pharmacy in your list of targets, contact us so we can integrate our systems into yours.

As part of our Assist disease-state management programs, we have designed graphical medication compliance reporting for prescribers and their patients. These reports can be used as an aid in identifying and counseling patients who have not been adherent to their prescribed drug regimen. For more information on our compliance reporting, or to receive sample compliance reports, please contact your local Commcare Specialty Pharmacy service representative.

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Karen Cartwright
Diseases: All
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Terry Castillo
FL – Miami, Keys
Diseases: HIV, HCV, ONC
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Zane Urbanski
FL – N.FL.
Diseases: All
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Juny Denunzio
FL – West Palm Beach
Diseases: HIV, HCV, RA, MS
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Molly Boprey
Diseases: All
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Cristina Liptak
FL – Broward
Diseases: RA, MS, HIV, HCV
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Justin Spakes
Diseases: All
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Brandon Rosenfeld
Diseases: All
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Danielle Miskimen
Diseases: All
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AnnMarie Nappi
FL (Broward County)
Diseases: Oncology, Allergy, Urology
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Commcare Specialty Pharmacy offers an entire suite of “ASSIST” disease management programs that provide personalized care that improves patient outcomes and reduces costs. Commcare Specialty Pharmacy’s team of clinically trained pharmacists and nurses specialize in chronic disease states, assisted by pharmacy technicians and patient navigators, to provide continued patient management and financial support which are essential for patient adherence and compliance.