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Personalized Care

We believe that managing and treating chronic diseases requires a higher level of care and service. So when you call Commcare® Specialty Pharmacy, you’ll speak to one of our knowledgeable employees, rather than someone in a call center or an automated voice response system. Our pharmacists are always available to answer patient and prescriber questions. Unlike other national specialty pharmacies, our outside service representatives ensure all our patients have access to a physical person and can quickly get the answers and support they need.

Increased Adherence and Compliance

Our Assist brand of disease-state management programs ensures that patients remain compliant on their prescribed drug regimens. These programs offer a high-touch, personalized approach to care with graphical compliance reporting for prescribers and patients, specialized packaging, side-effect management, and regular patient contact and education. All of our services provided under our Assist brand of disease-state management programs are documented and auditable.

Custom Reporting

Robust, Accurate and Timely Data

Commcare Specialty Pharmacy can provide real-time, daily, weekly or monthly HIPAA-compliant, patient-level prescription data for manufacturers. We can even customize the data layout and delivery method to meet manufacturers’ requirements with unique fields for current prior authorization (PA) status, proof of delivery, clinical information and compliance score. With best-in-class medication possession ratio (MPR) and length of therapy (LOT) reports, we’re able to provide the accurate reporting and information necessary to increase compliance and promote patient health.

Expanded Sales Force

Expedited Distribution

With a team of expert outside service representatives, we’re able to more efficiently collect the information necessary to complete PA requests, clarify orders and enroll patients in manufacturer programs. Deployed throughout the country and embedded into Premier® member health systems, our representatives maintain relationships with key prescribers and office staff. These physical contacts allow our team to streamline communication and data flow so that patients can quickly receive their medications.

Restricted Distribution

For manufacturers that utilize limited or restricted distribution channels based on requirements mandated by the FDA, Commcare Specialty Pharmacy can provide the necessary documentation and clinical and disease management resources to minimize any risks associated with these specialty medications. We have access to many specialty medications with limited or restricted distribution, making us a recommended provider to patients, payors and physicians.

In order to obtain a limited-distribution drug, please contact Commcare Pharmacy for further assistance.

We focus on restricted-distribution specialty oral and self-administered medications that:

  • Are used recurrently to treat chronic and life-threatening diseases
  • Are traditionally expensive
  • Require deeper explanation or education to administer
  • May cause adverse reactions
  • Require specialized handling and packaging
  • May have restrictions as determined by the FDA