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At Commcare® Specialty Pharmacy, we know that treating a chronic or acute illness can often be complicated and overwhelming for patients and their caregivers. That’s why we’ve designed our Assist disease management programs to simplify your treatment plan with personalized one-on-one care and guidance. With these programs, you have access not only to specialty medications, but to dedicated experts who can give you the answers and support you need to better manage your illness.


To better serve our patients, we accept copayment vouchers from many not-for-profit agencies and maintain a comprehensive list of manufacturer patient assistance programs. In addition, we’re always willing to assist patients in completing the necessary paperwork.

In today’s world of managed care, it can be difficult to determine how to comply with the rules and regulations of the myriad of insurance companies providing coverage in Florida. To make things easier for our patients, we have developed an automated computer system that continually tracks the progress of prior authorization requests. This system is capable of ensuring that your prior authorization request is performed as quickly as possible, with minimal impact on you and your physician.

We offer free next-business-day delivery of your medications to your home, physician’s office or place of business. If you’d rather pick up your medications, you can be sure the process will be quick and easy without long lines or endless waiting.


Commcare Specialty Pharmacy offers an entire suite of “ASSIST” disease management programs that provide personalized care that improves patient outcomes and reduces costs. Commcare Specialty Pharmacy’s team of clinically trained pharmacists and nurses specialize in chronic disease states, assisted by pharmacy technicians and patient navigators, to provide continued patient management and financial support which are essential for patient adherence and compliance.