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At Commcare® Specialty Pharmacy, we’re dedicated to providing innovative solutions that simplify processes and manage patient outcomes, enabling payors to provide a higher level of service. With deep expertise and experience, we can help payors better manage their formularies, implement a robust prior authorization process(PA), streamline distribution and increase patient compliance.


At Commcare Specialty Pharmacy, we understand how important medication compliance is to improving patient outcomes. To encourage and track compliance, we have designed graphical reporting that is available to our patients, prescribers and insurers as part of our Assist disease-state management programs. These reports can be helpful in identifying and counseling patients who have not been adherent to their prescribed drug regimen. For more information on our compliance reporting, or to receive sample compliance reports, please contact your local Commcare Specialty Pharmacy service representative.

PA Management

Please contact your service representative or the pharmacy to learn how we can help you implement, monitor and streamline the prior authorization process(PA).